Brian Dillard / Male Lead & Backup Vocals

Brian Adrian Dillard has grown up with and around the professional Music industry throughout his whole life, coming by his talents through inheritance and mentoring, he now enjoys keyboard and vocal work, as well as exercising his excellence in lyric writing.

Brian grew up in California & Branson, MO. He has performed in numerous venues since a young age; both solo, and with the “Darlin’ Boys”, Dillards, Rodney Dillard, & Beverly Cotton Dillard.

As a Co-Founder of WilsonDillard, and Archetype Video and Audio®, LLC., He is able to continue writing lyrics and music with Ashley Wilson.

He is an accomplished pilot, a highly trained SCUBA diver, who has been on many search and rescue dives, as well as dive trips to exotic dive locations. He also enjoys boating, technology & computers, as well as Xbox & PC gaming.

Now residing in Kingsport, TN, Brian has a love of music, not to be contained, and continues to find time for more activities, while balancing his love for his Family & Friends.

Rebecca Hale / Female Lead & Backup Vocals

A Passion for Music that has lasted for decades

For as long as Rebecca can remember, she has had a passionate love for music. The biggest influence on her as a child was her father. Her Father played bass guitar and vocals in a band throughout all of her childhood. Some of her favorite memories were those in the summers in upstate New York, when they would go as a family to pig roasts and jamborees to listen to all the bands. She was fascinated with the talents that were shown on the stage; And always so proud that her Dad was a part of it. She would dream that there would come a time when she could become an entertainer, and people could enjoy whatever talent she could share as much as she enjoyed watching her Dad and the rest of the band… while she danced her heart out on the dance floor.

Rebecca never did pick up the guitar, but did pick up a microphone. She started to sing as a very small child to every song that she heard. Rebecca’s mom also influenced her as a child. She taught her to dance when she was a young child. They did not sit in the house and play video games as children…… They played outside. And, if the weather was bad (and it often was because they were in upstate New York), they would turn up the music and sing, and dance, around the house. She can remember using her Dad’s old microphone and pretending that she was on a stage and performing for hundreds.

Singing became a passion for Rebecca. She joined the school chorus in third grade. Every time there was a chance to audition for a solo, she went for it. She was always excited to perform.

Becca joined color guard in high school and learned to twirl flags, rifles, and swords to choreographed musical routines. That is where she really learned to count music…lol. It didn’t matter if she was singing, dancing, or spinning a rifle. If it involved music and performing for people, she loved to do it.

After Rebecca graduated school she moved to TN. Within a few years, she became a mother, and her responsibilities were more important than her dreams. So, her vocals consisted of singing in the car, or singing her babies to sleep at night. She carried on the tradition of dancing in the house with her own kids.

Rebecca began to sing in the church choir and again, when there was a solo opportunity, she went for it. She thrived on performing. To feed that burning desire to sing and perform for people, she began singing karaoke. She did that for many years until one day, she was given the opportunity to sing with a live band. Singing with On The Map® Band has given her the opportunity to fulfill that childhood dream that she has always had.

She loves music! She listens to all kinds of music. She loves to sing, and she loves to dance!

"I hope that the audience enjoys it as much as I do."


Robert "Bobby" Granai / Guitars

Bobby Granai has had a life full of music. He started playing guitar and creating music with his brother, James Granai, in Germany. When he arrived back home in the USA, he purchased his first guitar at a pawn shop. He began learning from his imaginary mentors like Ted Nugent and Randy Rhoades, among others. Over the years, adding Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and more, as he pursued the energy he craved.

Playing with the bands Bad Habitz, What, and many others, he enjoyed the energy from the crowd and wanted to give it back in his performance.


The pain from carpal tunnel pushed him away from his passion for guitar, and he took a break from music for for three years. After that time, and while watching his brother behind the drumset, his new desire was to be a drummer.

The drums offered a new and exciting world of sound, drive and release of emotions through music. With new beats and off-beat time signatures, the drums have pushed him far in such a short time into a band with a professional attitude and drive.

Having taken some time, hands recovered after 7 years on Drums, Bobby has returned with a vengeance on lead and rhythm guitar!

His desire is to give the crowd back the energy that they feed him so that they can cut loose and have a good time. He says, “That’s what music is… giving to the crowd the show they deserve, and taking them to a place where they can forget their troubles and blow off steam.”

Ian Kirkland / Bass, Backup & Lead Vocals

Born into music he grew up watching his father, Tim Kirkland, play bass in numerous cover bands and one spectacular original band named Gemini. Ian was raised on bands like Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, The Police, Led Zeppelin and many other classic rock influences.

After the discovery of an alto saxophone in his grandfathers closet, Ian went on to play it through middle school, and into high school. During his sophomore year, he picked up the baritone sax, playing the monster on the field,, in marching band and also, the most rewarding sax experience, jazz band. He went on to join the ETSU marching band for one season, just for fun playing the tenor sax.

During early high school, his father shared with him the album ‘Sailing the Seas of Cheese’, by Primus, and bass-freak, Les Claypool, had become an immediate inspiration. Soon after, the bands Queensryche and Dream Theater caught his attention, and it was time to get his father’s four-string Ibanez out of the case and get to work!

He recalls the day,”Dad came home from work and there I was on the couch with his bass.. with a surprised look, he said to me, ‘you can play it until your fingers bleed.’ That was a defining moment for me.”

Years passed and one day while looking around a local music store he spotted a used Yamaha John Myung (of Dream Theater) Signature six-string bass.

In the years to follow he has jammed with many local musicians and worked with a few cover bands. In the summer of 2008, while looking on the internet for bands needing a bassist, he found an original punk-rock/pop-rock group in Asheville, Bugs Multiply, and was their hired gun for a few shows and a couple festivals. In late 2009, he met a local original, (then instrumental), phsychedelic-rock/jazz, fusion/punk metal group, Melodic Abrasion, and to this day enjoys working with them. He is proud to bring his diverse experience, influences, and talent to On The Map® in an effort to ‘break the mold’ of a cover band and entertain a larger variety of ages and musical tastes.

Ashley D Wilson / Keyboards & Backups

Ashley Dean Wilson, keyboardist, (currently playing with the Johnson City, TN based On The Map® band), is also a co-founder of the composition duo, WilsonDillard, and has taught music keyboard and music composition to NE Tennessee area public, private and home-schooled children since 1993. He also taught computer programming skills to children since the age of 13.

The owner of Sound-Sculptures Studios (formerly NoteWorthy Productions), a local recording venture, and Co-Owner of Archetype Video and Audio® (AVA), Ashley is a composer whose first symphony was performed by the Johnson City Symphony in 1999.

Co-Founder of the Songwriting and Recording duo, WilsonDillard, He and Brian Dillard have written and composed many pieces, together.

The winner of the “Most Talented” award in 1989, Ashley composed and performed original compositions in the former Soviet Union, (USSR), including Yaroslavl, Russia, on tour with International Arts for Peace, to standing ovations.

Ashley is a Berklee College of Music and East Tennessee State University Alumnus, a proud member of ASCAP, a lover of people, animals, reading, writing, winter sports, computers, networking,
technology and an X-Box enthusiast.

He currently resides in Jonesborough, TN & continues to compose, record, play piano, bass, & keyboards, while living & loving Music, Family and Friends.