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On The Map®

On The Map® was formed in 2011. Although sparsely seen in the past few years, On The Map® has some wonderful fan, friend, and family support. We have had, (as many bands have had), a few changes in lineups, and a roadbump here or there.

As a band that has a Male Lead Singer AND a Female Lead Singer, (a new female vocalist has been recently brought in, and is building her songlist), we are able to be more diverse than many groups. Not to mention that we have a rather talented Singer in our Bass Player.



We have now shifted to put all work into originals that we have been developing. We hope to have an album developed soon to distribute.

We may look at limited live appearances, for promotion, and fun??

Some Videos from Performances

Meet The Band

From all different backgrounds. Converging in this band, after widely differing paths of musical growth..,

Brian Dillard

Male Lead & Backup Vocals

Power or Finesse?

Or both!?!

Rebecca Hale

Female Lead & Backup Vocals

Eyes Closed, Mouth Open!

Sing It, Girl!

Ian Kirkland

 Bass, Backups, & Lead Vocals

No, That's Not Geddy...

Thumpin' De Bass, Man!

Robert Granai

Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Power Is In The Fingertips...

Can you feel it?

Ashley D Wilson

Keyboards, & Dubious Backups

And A Keytar, too?!

"Had it for years!"

Are You Ready?...